Splendour Lifestyle Concierge

Splendour Lifestyle Concierge

Gift buying, shopping assistance & personal shopping

London is one of the finest cities when it comes to a rewarding shopping experience with hundreds of shopping outlets and brands to choose from. Our stylists and personal shopping assistants understand the London fashion scene inside out and will ensure that all your needs are met promptly and delicately by assisting you directly on your shopping spree.

Luxury Goods Sourcing

Our exclusive relationships with luxury brands and suppliers allow us to source luxury goods such as designer bags, shoes, watches and fashion apparel for our clients. We can help you locate hard to find or sold out luxury goods and deliver these straight to your door.

Ticket sourcing

We can help you source VIP, hospitality or standard tickets for any occasion whether Sports, Music or Theatre. We can also access sold out events that our clients may wish to attend right up to hours before the start time of the event.

Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Concierge

Splendour Lifestyle is committed to ensuring the wellness of it clients. We believe that wellbeing and health are the essence of living a rich and luxurious life. We are dedicated to make you look and feel great inside and out.Whatever you imagine with your personal appearance and whatever you wish to achieve within yourself, Splendour Lifestyle has a solution for that.

• Nutritional consulting

Would you like to look great? Do you want to feel amazing? Are you ready to experience the ultimate wellbeing?

After a thorough dietary and lifestyle assessment, our nutritionist will create a bespoke program to enhance your beauty, weight loss, energy levels and body goals.

Splendour Lifestyle works with leading nutritionist and health experts ensuring you achieve a healthy and balanced diet to achieve your nutritional goals.

• Private Medical Services

Splendour Lifestyle has access to the top rated medical consultants in the UK and in Europe. So if you have any medical requirements you can be assured only the best and most trusted medical consultants will do. With our recommendation you will access the best quality private medical advice and treatments available.

• Personal trainer

We help you find the right personal trainer and create bespoke workouts to suit you whether you would like to train at home or at your local gym.

• Private beauty treatments bookings

Splendour Lifestyle helps you to source the most confidential and exclusive beauty therapists, hairstylists and makeup artists. We arrange your private bookings for the most exclusive beauty salons in London or arrange private treatments in the privacy of your home.



Delivering bespoke and world class luxury lifestyle solutions for every desire!

Splendour Lifestyle management is a boutique luxury lifestyle management consultancy, which was founded by Nora Gomori who has extensive experience working with ultra-high net worth individuals and organizations.

Her passion for luxury lifestyle, fashion and luxury travel inspired her to create an unparalleled, full service luxury lifestyle management consultancy where she creates individual and bespoke services for her clients.

She believes there are no limits to what can be achieved with the services she provides. Her creativity combined with her “never give up attitude” makes her the luxury lifestyle extraordinaire enabling her to always exceed her clients expectations whilst adding value to their lifestyle.

Nora provides a dedicated and personalised service which recognizes that the privacy and discretion of her clients are paramount.

Nora Gomori’s motto is: “Luxury is the quality of the Life we afford ourselves, with as much as we have…

With that in mind Nora is confident and guarantees that the Splendour Lifestyle management team will provide an unforgettable experience no matter the service being provided.

Splendour Lifestyle management caters for a richly diverse international clientele and has extensive experience with Russian, Middle-Eastern and  Chinese clients.

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Luxury travel and honeymoon packages
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Splendour Lifestyle has access to the most exotic and breath-taking destinations in the world providing accommodation at luxurious private villas, holiday resorts and stunning hotels. Whatever your preference we will match every amenity to your personal tastes and expectations. With effortless style and efficiency, we will deliver, whether it is for business or pleasure or a combination of both.

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Professional and Investment Services
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Private Finance

Splendour Lifestyle has partnered with a leading independent global mortgage broker possessing strong and established relationships with Private Banks and offshore lenders ensuring access to the most competitive rates available. Read More »

Property services and relocation support
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Splendour Lifestyle offers a range of property services to its prestigious clients.
We aim to provide seamless and professional property related services to provide convenience and peace of mind when looking to move, buy, sell or rent a property.

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Splendour Lifestyle Concierge
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Gift buying, shopping assistance & personal shopping

London is one of the finest cities when it comes to a rewarding shopping experience with hundreds of shopping outlets and brands to choose from. Our stylists and personal shopping assistants understand the London fashion scene inside out and will ensure that all your needs are met promptly and delicately by assisting you directly on your shopping spree.

Luxury Goods Sourcing

Our exclusive relationships with luxury brands and suppliers allow us to source luxury goods such as designer bags, shoes, watches and fashion apparel for our clients. We can help you locate hard to find or sold out luxury goods and deliver these straight to your door.

Ticket sourcing

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Luxury Beauty Tourism


Luxurious spa, medical and beauty holidays

A great way to relax and enjoy the luxuries of life would be to transport oneself to Switzerland.Hosting the world’s most prestigious spa hotels and resorts, Splendour lifestyle can provide you a wide range of spa packages and aesthetic medical services for whatever your heart desires in either remote regions such as Lake Maggiore, Zurich, Lenk, or the livelier cities of Geneva and Bern.

Guaranteeing you safety and special care in the hands of trusted medical specialists, accomplished therapists, beauticians and masseurs, your stay at any of our selected locations would truly let you create your desired look, seek refuge, relax, unwind and escape from the humdrum of everyday life.

Let’s give you a peak of one of our packages: Tucked away amidst the grand landscape of the Swiss Alps of Adelboden beholds one of our premium designer spa hotels wherein breath-taking views as well as pure uplifting energy enable you to achieve your optimum health and well being. Luxurious organic beauty products and invigorating detox therapies are dedicated to helping you re-balance your inner equilibrium and restore your energy levels. Whether you require botox, body sculpting or rejuvenating cell therapy, upon successful health assessments and careful consideration we provide just this service.

We would also be providing you a myriad of outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, golf, sailing, water sports and also inviting you to warm, cosy mountain chalets should you wish to venture out during your stay. You would be taking a break from your spa break which is a unique opportunity even for an experienced holiday goer. Our dedicated team can whisk you away taking care of travel arrangements from your doorstep to your destination and on wards providing a detailed itinerary full of activities and table reservations to popular highly esteemed restaurants and even arrange for any pets or children to be taken care of at the spa whilst you treat yourself to private pampering sessions.

Geneva is one of the world’s top shopping destinations for the fashion conscious individuals. We provide tour guide chauffeurs, fashion outlet visits, private stylists and shopping assistants at popular department stores or private designer showrooms to tend to you should you need any assistance. As much as we enjoy your satisfaction, we won’t forget to take you back home all you need is to ask and bid us farewell until your next spa vacation.


Splendour Events

Splendour Events is Luxury Event Concierge. We take away all the hassle of arranging your event by bringing in all the expertise to make it happen. Whilst we are not an event manager, we know exactly what it takes to make your most special events a reality. We work with all the best suppliers on your behalf to ensure that you have a quality event, without the stress. We work with London’s top catering, event management and entertainment companies.

We are able to manage on your behalf private events or business and corporate events from parties to brand launch events.

We can provide the following:

Beautiful People

One of our core services is offering beautiful and talented models for events trade fairs, private parties, promotions, modeling assignments. We can provide models for the following services.

  • ● Promotional Girls
  • ● Event Hostesses
  • ● Grid Girls
  • ● Hospitality staff
  • ● Fitting models
  • ● Catwalk and Editorial assignments
  • ● Commercials
  • ● Models on TV


We have an impressive and highly attractive book of female and male models who will definitely add a sense of allure and spectacle to your event, party or promotion.

Event Entertainment

We can arrange the best event entertainment within the UK and internationally. Whether you are hosting a party, conference or formal occasion we know that the entertainment aspect is important in creating a unique and unforgettable event which will certainly impress all your guests or potential clients.
Every event is different and finding the right act or artist can be challenging and time consuming. We know exactly how to match your event with the perfect entertainment, taking into account lifestyle preferences or cultural differences to make your event truly memorable.

Event Locations

Whatever your event we have strong allegiance with the finest venues in London. We can help organize the perfect location for your event from the following:

  • ● Restaurants,
  • ● Bars and clubs
  • ● Prestigious hotels
  • ● Private venues
  • ● Mansions
  • ● Yachts
  • ● Art galleries in London


All available for private and exclusive hire. Our overseas networks and expertise allows us to access exclusive venues throughout the world.

Event Ideation Consultancy

We have great creative ideas for all your special events whether it be private or for business. We are able to provide full concept creation and then work with suppliers to deliver the event. In most cases we will work directly with the event suppliers on your behalf from the event managers, to the caterers, entertainers to the PR & Media. Let us take away the stress from your next event, so you can have more time to enjoy the moment.

Nora Gomori


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